So many entrepreneurs feel like work is always calling. This site is about automating, delegating, and systematizing your business so you can prioritize your life.

About Us

Janet Lovelace 

Specialty: Marketing & Customer Service Automation
Philosophy: You don’t have to be “always on” in order to provide top-of-the line customer service to your current or prospective customers. By simplifying and automating your marketing and customer service processes and clearly communicating your offerings and availability, you can keep your clients happy while you sleep.

Jessie Brown 
Specialty: Human Resources
Philosophy: Put simply, you can’t do it all. The most successful small business owners know when and how to delegate by hiring employees, engaging freelancers, and utilizing consultants. Though you may be hesitant to spend the time and money -- or release the control -- to outsource everyday tasks, this is most often the one step you need to take to achieve exponential growth and success.